Akura Furnishings is a concept built upon the art of elevating furniture packages and interior design, transforming houses into homes.

From opulent tailored interiors to minimal inspired spaces and everything in between.
In order to achieve this, Akura Furnishings consists of a multidisciplinary team of imaginative and highly skilled designers, creating unique furniture packages and bespoke interiors.
We pride ourselves on being extremely versatile and amenable to all of our clients’ requirements, making sure we are able to deliver and install on time.
Over the years, we have built up an invaluable network of like-landlords furniture companies in London and individuals across an array of industries. Allowing for a seamless process throughout the project.
Our roots are in London, but we transform interiors across the globe. Satisfying our clients is our priority, and we provide luxurious design with attention to every last detail.